1L11-01 Obsidian Blue



1L11-01 is the first unisex sneaker designed by NORM. It is the result of 3 years of research and development and created from 90% recycled materialsMade of a single piece upper construction with NORM Integrated Loops System [ N.I.L.S ] and advanced eco-materials sourced exclusively from Europe. 

Consciously Handcrafted in Portugal


  • Easy to Wash
  • Removable Insole
  • Comfortable & Follow your movement
  • Vegan (Peta Approved)
  • 1% For the Planet
  • 2 trees Planted to compensate the emmissions
Norm Sneakers 1L11-01 are unisex shoes. We recommend to choose your true size or one size under the one you choose for usual sneakers (Nike Adidas,...).

Free Shipping in the European Union

For US and Canada:

  • Sneakers: 10€ 
  • Accessories: 5€ 

Rest of the World:

  • Sneakers: 15€ 
  • Accessories: 10€ 

If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase you can return it to us within 30 days for an exchange or refund.

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3 years of research & development for the sole purpose of re-inventing the shoe industry standards. Standards that we created and divided in 3 norms : Sustainability, Transparency & Modernity.


100% Recycled Polyester yarns

we use Ecoantex® or Newlife® yarns to make our uppers, insoles cover, labels, ribbons, laces and for the assembly. They are made by Antex in Spain and Sinterama in Italy from 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles. 

Antex Certifications: Global Recycled Standard, ÖKO-TEX 100

Sinterama Certifications: ÖKO-TEX 100, ISO 14001


100% ECOANTEX® Recycled Polyester

Our 3D-Knit is made by Mobiente in Romania, a specialist in complex knitted products. The knit has the advantage to use less materials than a classical process. The upper is directly made to dimensions and requires almost no sewing or other components. It is also light, breathable and flexible . We need the equivalent of 6 PET bottles to create the yarn for one pair of shoes.

Made in Portugal

ECORUBBER® 70% Recycled Rubber

Norm outsoles are made by Bolflex in Portugal. They invented the Eco-rubber that contain 70% recycled and 30% Natural and fair-trade rubber that we use in our products. Our outsoles are 100% recyclable

Certifications: PETA, REACH, ISO 14001

Made in Portugal

85% Recycled Polyurethane Foam

The removable insoles we use in our shoes are made by the Portugese plant of Flexospuma. The foam is made from 85% recycled polyurethane. The insole is lined with a a 100% recycled fabric (80% Seaqual® - 20% ECOANTEX®). 

Made in Italy

100% NEWLIFE® Recycled Polyester

Our labels and ribbons are handcrafted in Italy by Emmetex from Newlife fibers (100% recycled PET bottles). They use high precision weaving techniques to create premium quality products.

Certifications: ÖKO-TEX 100, Traceability & Fashion

Made in France

100% NEWLIFE® Recycled Polyester

Our Laces are made in France from Newlife fibers by the Société Chotelaise de Fabrication. This Factory have a unique know how and is still using braiding looms that are more than 100 years old.

Certifications: ÖKO-TEX 100, ISO 14001



Our environmental consideration goes beyond our products. We make our boxes strong enough to be shipped without repacking and from recycled & recyclable materials. Our Shoe bags are made from 100% recycled polyester fabric and can be reused for many purposes.


The 3D-Knit has many advantages. It is light, breathable and comfortable. But it also allows us to create a seamless design, that reduces cutting, manufacturing wastes, and the number of components.

The technology allowed us to develop our [ N.I.L.S ]™ NORM Integrated Loops System to insert the laces loop directly in the upper


The impact for one pair of Norm is only 6,5 kg of CO2 equivalent. This is 80% lower than the industry average. To go even further, we offset the emissions of our products by planting two trees for each pair, which is more than they emit. This is how we create a benefit for our home planet and that we are Climate positive (each tree compensate 100kg of CO2 eq. during it's lifetime)

2 TREES ARE PLANTED to compensate the emissions of this Pair / Made from 6 Recycled Plastic Bottles





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